About us

Meroni: an all italian company

Since 1930, the cold cuts passion is italian!

Meroni, a historic family company, 100% Italian, has been producing and exporting high quality cured meats for over 85 years, thanks to the constant and continuous work to ensure the best quality at the right price. The production plants are all in Italy, from the "Brianza" district for the production of Cooked Ham, Salami or the slicing of prosciutto along with all the "Take Away"categories, until  the Romagna, a geographical area known for the production of Mortadella. Meroni guarantees the quality control of the entire production chain.

The assets: innovation, quality, reputation, food safety

Our production fundamentals: innovative technologies development.

Meroni, a Rovagnati group division, benefits from the ongoing significant technological investments by the Parent Company to create unique and excellent quality products. Identifying a big plus in this concept, Rovagnati invests all the time in innovation, in order to create state-of-the-art products in its modern and efficient plants. Quality checks are put in place daily : lab testings allow the product certifications by institutions known for their reputation, to grant a recognizable and measurable safety according to all European standards. Innovation means control, food safety, and therefore high quality: thanks to this commitment, Meroni has always been able to offer its quality products to all the distribution markets. The care in selecting the raw materials, the respect of tradition combined with innovation, the history that becomes experience and reliability: these are the assets Meroni uses to its advantage, in the positioning and standing out in the fresh food market.

Italian excellence

looking out to foreign markets

Acknowledged since the '70 as one of the leader Italian brands producing ham, prosciutto, salami and mortadella,  Meroni ‘s new trade mission is penetrating foreign markets: by exporting  its products all over european and non eu markets with the effort of an efficient food traders network, it succesfully builds a consumer perception . Germany, France, Denmark, UK, and Eastern Europe are only some of the Countries offering in their supermarkets and in their Ho.Re.Ca. channels the excellence of the OTC specialities signed Meroni.

Export: the convenience of our logistics platform.

Meroni’s logistic site is located in Villasanta and  is fully automated. Orders, shipping, products delivery procedures on pallets are extremely efficient, fast, and monitored. Meroni’s logistics enables to reach all EU and non-EU countries and takes care, on request and in compliance of all rules and regulations, of the producing of all the documents needed: within the company there are departments specialized in import-export of fresh food products.