BRC - British Retail Consortium

 Meroni’s products meet the requirements of the global standard for food products safety.  This standard states the guidelines for safe food production and for the product quality management , in order to meet all the customers expectations fulfilling all the obligations required by the law. With this certification, Meroni increases the food safety level of reliability  for all the food supply chain operators. 

This standard provides also a great opportunity to show the company's permanent commitment and dedication towards safety , high quality and completion of the agrifood industry rules and regulations .

The certification according to the global BRC standard complies with the rules stated by the Global Food Safety Initiative of CIES - The Food Business Forum, the international organization with nearly 400 affiliates between retailers (nearly 200.000 sales points) and other producers of every dimension.  This standard is acknowledged  by most of the food products retailers.

By the BRC certification, the Meroni product line:

  • declares its food safety commitment;
  • ensures the implementation of quality, food safety and legal compliance obligations that rule the food sector , with specific reference to the laws in force in the countries where the products are distributed
  • improves the food safety management.


IFS - International Food Standard

IFS was created to meet the requirements of food safety, traceability,total transparency, independence, and respect for the environment .  All these elements  are nowadays considered by the national and international retail chains to be essential for a basic protocol in purchasing policies and for the suppliers selection and evaluation process.

The IFS Product Certification is an innovative way to the Company's brand support: it represents a successful tool to protect, guarantee, and increase the Company's value coming up as useful support to generate trust between the parties involved. IFS is accepted by the 80% of the global food operators. Large global food distributors ask their suppliers for IFS certification, which acts as double-check and control tool  on the supplier itself.

*All Meroni's product lines, except the Mortadella in the gastronomic line, are produced in  IFS and BRC standards certified plants .

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